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Cordyceps mushroom extract (30ml)


The benefits of Cordyceps:

  • Supercharge autophagy (cellular recycling)
  • Improve athletic performance by enhanced oxygen uptake & VO2max
  • Improve cognitive functioning and higher productivity
  • Increased stable energy throughout your day
  • Fight shortness of breath

When to consume:

30-40 minutes before workouts or demanding tasks. (Shorter for consumption on an empty stomache)

How to consume:

2 ml/3 pipettes three times a week for optimal effects

Cordyceps Militaris is a parasitic fungus known to infect insects and arthropods. A well known mushroom used in ancient Chinese medicine for over 4000 years.

The revival of this secret tonic herb is due to the Chinese succes on the Olympic Games in Beijing. It became known that the Chinese athletes were using a herb called cordyceps. According to the traditions in Asia it is believed to give you superhuman strength, immunity and potency. Of course we biohackers don’t believe this, but being an athlete with everything to gain and with the Kaizen mindset on the hunt for improvements, we tried it and studied it. Now state of the art science can back up what folklore has us believe.

The working substance Cordycepin has proven in many scientific studies to increase the VO2max, the amount of oxygen you can use during sport. Increasing this is considered the holy grail and except from training, there are not many ways of increasing this.

Cordyceps is currently considered the best VO2max enhancing supplement amongst elite athletes.

This Cordyceps extract is organically cultivated and extracted at a facility located deep in the forests of Finland.

One of the KAIZEN promises is to know exactly where the product comes from and how it’s being produced, otherwise we would never be able to make any promises about the quality and the benefits for you and your body.


Some of the scientific claims of the many potential benefits of Cordyceps include:


Improve cognitive function (1)

Enhance athletic performance (2)

Protects the liver (3)

Improves hearth health (4)

Decreases triglycerides and LDL cholesterol (5)

Improves blood circulation (7)

Reduce oxidative stress (8)


Our personal advise when to consume:

During (intermittent) fasting, to supercharge autophagy (cellular recycling)

For athletic performance to enhance oxygen uptake and VO2max

To improve cognitive functioning and higher productivity

Increased stable energy throughout your day

To fight shortness of breath


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