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Kaizen Capsules

Heads up friends & coffee lovers! Are you still drinking multinational coffee?

Since introducing Kaizen coffee beans, our quantified beyond fair & organic clean coffee, we got this question a lot:

Do you sell Nespresso compatible cups?

Well, now we do and we’re dang serious about it!

High quality specialty coffee, ethical and permaculturally grown, quantified pesticide, mold free and more. The absolute cleanest and best you can buy.

Made for Olympians, suitable for mortals.


Because of your massive pre-orders we have worked our way towards the first HOME compostable capsules in the country.

We are super excited to have made it here and we need you to push this even further!

Help us improve this amazing coffee every day. Let’s kaizen the sh*t out of it!

Made with the Kaizen Numero Uno blend:

  • Brazil, 3-Fazenda blend
  • Rwanda, Abakundakawa cooperative
  • Thailand, Single farm fine robusta by Thawat Khoniak.

Find out more about the Numero Uno blend